Additional Information

The Alkaline System BWI-675, is a 4-stage drinking water purifier designed to purify, alkalize and freshen your drinking water through an innovative filtration system technology. Through a multi-stage process, incoming tap water is purified before it is alkalinized, where pH values are increased, resulting in superior hydration. The Alkaline System BWI-675 will provide enough Alkaline water for the health-conscious family.


  • High Quality Reverse Osmosis membrane filters on a molecular level
  • Durable, low maintenance design
  • 5 Stage filters designed to address virtually any drinking water concern
  • Produce enough fresh, pure water to meet your needs
  • Installed with contemporary, lead-free Bluewater faucet offered in brushed nickel or chrome


  • Great fresh tasting water
  • No more contaminants: Eliminate bad chemicals such as lead, arsenic and 60 other contaminants from the water
  • Money Saver: No need to buy bottled water anymore
  • Maintenance free- filter cartridge lasts up to one year of 1000 gallons


  1. Reliable, poli propilene, sediment pre-filter extracts suspended material such as sediment, rust, insects and other particles down to 5 microns
  2. Carbon block to absorb heavy chorine and by products
  3. Active Carbon block filters organic matter and prepares water for RO
  4. Advanced Reverse Osmosis membrane to eliminate Bacteria and Viruses down to 0.0001 Microns
  5. Innovative Alkaline filter provides high quality Alkaline water ready for drinking


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